Young Conservatives of California (YCC), created in 2005, is a non-partisan youth organization that is involved in grassroots politics throughout California. Members of the Young Conservatives of California are predominantly college students that promote conservative values through involvement in campaigns, lobbying, and campus activism at our university and county chapters.

     Young Conservatives of California is the only political youth organization of its kind in California. We endorse the most conservative candidates in the Republican primary, and support them through our grassroots efforts and coalition-building activities.”

California Chapters

Cal State San Bernardino

The University Conservative Union

University of Redlands

University of California Riverside

 The Praetorian Conservative Newspaper

The Riverside Shooting Club


University of California Los Angeles

California State University Fullerton

 The Young Conservatives of Massachussetts


True Love Revolution

Massachussetts Insitute of Technology (MIT)

Anscombe Society

Tufts University

 Bentley University

Northeastern University

Mount Holyoke College

Students for Saving Social Security

Northern Essex Community College


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